Baroque, music, flowers, textile industry and young people – in the past, those were the first things that came to mind of Croatians at the mention of Varazdin.


Today,  we can also add it is the town of good emotions, angels, magical events, festivals, artists and artisans...all of which often spill out into its streets and squares, making us embrace them all en passant, simply becoming the way we, Varaždinci, live.

Being  the cultural, economic, educational, sporting and tourist centre of the North Croatia, it is only natural people do gravitate to it while passing through this part of Croatia.


But much more than that, in the past few years or so, Varaždin is being visited by people from both far away lands and Europe alike on purpose, with a very defined goal in mind: to breath in the air of the old world and its charms that Varaždin managed to preserve so well and also to immerse themselves into the joy of living it exudes around every corner.

Varaždin was recognised as a must see spot  by New York Times in its '52 Places to Go in 2014'.


Also, it was noted for its emerging art scene by a New York Times journalist in 2015.


Tourist Patrol by Večernji list, one of the national daily newspapers, awarded it the best continental tourist destination in 2017.


Špancirfest, its biggest festival, has been awarded the Tourist Event of the Year in 2017 and has been named one of the 20 best European art and culture festivals in 2018 by Flight network.

I can keep going on and on like this with awards and recognitions.

But I think it's all clear by now: not visiting Varaždin you would miss out on lots of fun, catching fantastic photo opportunities and creating life-long memories.

See you soon!

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