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The Old town castle, the City hall, the fine arts gallery in Sermage palace...needless to say these are some of the must see spots in Varazdin.


But what about all those little hidden nooks that are so easy to miss but are the ones that give you the best opportunity for a selfie, to buy something truly local and experience something different?


In our guide Insiders Tips - 25 Things to See and Do in Varazdin, you will discover:

- how to locate the hidden spot where the angles sleep

- what local products to buy at the farmers market

- where to taste the best cakes

- where to have the coffee with the view

- where to have a nightcap or a little aperitif before your meal

- when and where to find the fleamarket

- where to have the best pizza in town

- what is Varazdin's narrowest and most charming street

- where to find the recipe for local gastro specialties (for free in the         street!)

- what is the oldest functioning cinema in town

- what are some of the best local fashion accessories designers

...and much more, all of it withing 5-10 minutes walk from your Varazdin accomodation, the Stylish Studio. 


To get your own copy of Varazdin secrets, the Insiders Tips - 25 Things to See and Do in Varazdin, sign up below.

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